Ultra Street Fighter IV Announced

A new update for the Street Fighter IV series was announced and last weekend’s Evo, titled Ultra Street Fighter IV.  The new add-on will sport of host of goodies and changes, including five new challenges, six new stages, and five more characters to the roster.  Four of the characters were revealed, being former-thug Poison (making her first main-series appearance) and her client Hugo,
as well as capoeira expert Elena, and special forces fighter Rolento from Street Fighter x Tekken.
The fifth character, at present, has not yet been revealed.

Other changes include better balance for many of the other characters. Developer Capcom went through feedback specifically in order to determine these changes made, including responses from
the US and Japan, as well as the Capcom Unity Forums, and Capcom Japan Surveys. As was discussed on the Capcom blog, they considered the changes based on each character’s
personality and tried to play to those strengths. A few examples of some changes select characters
will undergo in order to achieve this balanced include HP increases, lower charge times, increased damage, faster walk speed, and so forth.  And of those discussed specifically on the blog, it’s been promised that that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Capcom has also promised that there will be more changes and content released for the future,
as this looks to be the start of a very promising add-on package.

The update will be available to those who already own Super Street Fighter IV or Super Street
Fighter IV Arcade Edition for $15.  It will also be released as well as currently unspecified future content.  A specific release date was.

Source: GamesRadar


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