EA Announces Free to Play FIFA PC Game

EA has made the announcement that a new title called FIFA World is going to be available for players and it will be free to play. FIFA World is going to be for gamers who don’t have a gaming console and want to be able to experience the amazing fun that is soccer online. I’m not a fan of soccer in real life but if somebody has a game of FIFA going, I can’t step away. I’m not sure what it is but these are always amazing titles and FIFA World is going to be the one that wraps them all up in a nice little online experience. The world is going to be featured in this game with a ton of options of your favorite teams and you will be able to take them to the cup.

EA says the game will run on an “average spec” PC, but will require a broadband Internet connection.” So the game will run on average PC which means you don’t need to buy a custom machine for this game which most peopleprobably instantly assume you need to because FIFA graphics have always impressed. This title however is not about the graphics or even the gameplay as much as it is about the availability on a PC. Gamespot released even further information by stating that ¦EA’s soccer series exists in another free-to-play form in Korea, as FIFA Online 3. EA is currently working to bring FIFA Online 3 for mainland China and Southeast Asia. gamers currently able to sign up for a closed beta test.”


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