EA Closing A Large Number Of Multiplayer Servers Down Soon

Well, spring is here and just about everyone is ready to come out and play. But, before we do that, there are the usual chores of cleaning out all of those old toys and junk that we don’t use anymore, right? A good ‘ole case of spring cleaning.

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Unfortunately, if you were planning on jumping on a few of EA’s older games’ multiplayer servers, you’re going to be out of luck. Just as they do every year, Electronic Arts is doing a bit of spring cleaning of their own to make room for the host of new games that they are ushering in. This time, the pill may be just a bit too big to bear. This time the list includes the likes of the original Battlefield 2, 2142, and Vietnam for the PC, three Crysis games (the original, 2, and Wars) for the PC, Bulletstorm for the PS3, multiple Command and Conquer games (3, Generals, and Red Alert) for the PC,FIFA Soccer (8, 9, Battlefront (1 and 2) for the PC and PS2, and more for a grand total of about To see if your favorite comfort food multiplayer EA game is affected, go to check it out.

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