EA Spors Announces 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

Football (what we Americans call soccer) is the most popular sport in the world and the FIFA World Cup is set to start in the host country of Brazil starting June 12th through July 13 of this year. As usual, EA Sports has their annual edition of FIFA set to launch in support of the festivities.

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What makes this effort different this year is that the next-gen consoles, the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, are excluded from the festivities. When asked about this decision the game’s producer said the following:

“We’ve got to focus development on where there will be biggest for popular games consoles right now.

“Over time that’s likely to change. But right now they have the biggest market penetration and we wanted to get this game to as many people as we possibly could.”

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FIFA World Cup Brazil has a wealth of features, players, and modes and is sure to be the epic sports game that it is every year. Some of the features include:

21 new stadiums including all 12 authentic stadiums from Brazil

  • All new ‘World Class Control’ feature using Response Dribbling and Pinpoint Passing
  • All new animations
  • All new Road to Rio de Janeiro Mode – online tournament through Brazil’s host cities and authentic stadiums

Darke and Andy Goldstein, or Roger Bennett and Michael Davies.

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