Best PC Controller for Soccer Games

Looking for the best PC controller for soccer games? If so, congratulations on coming to the right place. Below are five wireless/wired controllers that are considered the best of the best by consumers and the experts alike. Check out the list to discover the product that best suits your needs and preferences:

1. Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller

Compatible with Windows 10 operating system and Xbox One gaming console, and game genre aside the Xbox One Elite wireless controller is arguably the top PC controller out there and won the icontrolpad best PC gaming controller award. The controller connects to devices through a USB port, this controller lets you tackle your opponents or shoot a soccer ball with high accuracy like your favorite soccer star and enjoy scoring multiple goals against your opponents. The interchangeable paddles and rubberized diamond grip let you achieve greater control. Nonetheless, swapping D-pads and thumb sticks, which come with the package, enables you to accomplish game-changing accuracy and speed.

2. Ifyoo One Pro Wired PC Gaming Controller

Compatible with Windows XP, 7/8/10, and Android operating systems, the Ifyoo One Pro PC gaming controller boats a stylish design with cute-sleek edges. Also designed for PS3, this wired controller works great and makes playing soccer games on a PC to be more fun and exciting. With easy-to-reach control buttons, the controller lets you execute professional tackles remarkably just like an actual soccer star. Its notable features include vibration feedback, multiple modes ( Xinput / DirectInput / Android), turbo function, and JD-Switch function. The former functionality can set the button to realize automatic rapid repeating-hitting function whereas the latter can swap the functions of D-pad and Left-Stick in Xinput mode.

3. Eiffter USB Wireless Gaming Controller

Designed for Windows XP/7/8/10, Android and Steam operating systems, the Eiffter USB wireless gaming controller boasts an improved-ergonomic design and a stable connection for ranges up to 10 meters. With that, you can enjoy playing soccer even when you are seated further away from your screen maybe because you do not want too much light to damage your eyes. Additionally, this PS3 compatible controller features 2.4G wireless transmission technology, USB port, and easy-to-reach control buttons. Other features of the controller include twelve function keys, support for two handles simultaneously and an intelligent power-saving functionality. Equipped with a USB dongle, the Eiffter controller delivers responsive and accurate gaming speeds. Needless to say that it lets you play longer without getting your palms feeling exhausted.

4. Easy SMX Wireless PC Gaming Controller

The Easy SMX PC gaming controller is designed for Windows Vista, XP/7/8/8.1/10, and Android operating systems. This wireless controller is also compatible with PS3 and TV box hardware. Offering a maximum connection range of 10 meters, the SMX controller is considered one of the best PC soccer game controllers. It features 2.4G wireless transmission technology, dual vibration feedback, and an ergonomic hold. The controller provides a stable connection even at 10 meters away from the PC. It makes gaming feel surreal and allows you to play longer without getting your palms and fingers tired as well as sore.

5. Qussirro Soccer Gaming PC Controller

While the Qussirro soccer gaming controller is mainly designed for desktop and laptop computers in mind, it can also be used with Xbox 360. This wireless controller delivers high performance as well as lets you stay in control of the game and play in comfort. Featuring a maximum wireless connectivity range of 10 meters, accurate and responsive control keys, it lets you tackle your opponents and execute powerful moves and maneuvers on the pitch. The controller helps you score more goals than any other controller in its category. Its notable features include an ergonomic design, accurate thumb sticks, and two pressure point triggers. No matter the soccer game you play with this 8-way directional pad, it delivers a consistent experience.

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Xbox One Elite, Ifyoo One Pro, Eiffter, Easy SMX and Qussirro are the top 5 best PC soccer gaming controllers. If you are shopping for a controller that delivers great performance, is comfortable to hold and takes gaming experience to another level, we recommend any of these controllers to you. While most controllers are wireless, the Ifyoo One Pro controller remains wired. However, that does not mean it delivers a less superior performance than the rest as this is such a remarkable controller. With nothing more to say, good luck shopping.


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