FIFA 16 Demo Set For September 2nd Release With US Women’s Championship Team

FIFA 16 is looking to maintain its throne as one of the most popular sports game franchises ever. Set for release on September 22nd, the soccer or football sim is chock full of a host of new features that players around the world are surely looking forward to getting their hands on.

Well, EA Sports is ready to drop a demo upon the masses on September 8th and they’ve unveiled what will be accessible within.

The gameplay portion of the demo will allow for you to play at El Clasico, Real Madrid CF at home to FC Barcelona. In addition to these teams there are 8 more you can play as that include 2 Women’s National teams (the World Champion US team and Germany).

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Also included is the Fantasy Ultimate Team draft. This allows you, just as in other EA Sports team games, to build your fantasy team and them take them into matches where you can earn in game currency to be used to improve your team! This mode has been extremely popular in recent years in many other sports games so this is definitely a highly anticipated feature.

Head on over to EA Sports FIFA 16 site to see the additional features that the full game will have as well as the content the demo will showcase as well.

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