FIFA 14 Legacy Edition Offers No Updates to Gameplay

For those of you out there who are FIFA fans, you’re probably privy to the fact PlayStation 3 and the PC. Well, here’s another interesting tidbit in the realm of FIFA games. EA Sports has announced that they will be releasing a FIFA 14 Legacy Edition, and it will be available for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii, the PlayStation Vita, and the PlayStation 2 (Yeah, I know, PlayStation 2…I didn’t even know that games were still releasing for that system). But here’s the kicker that has quite a bit of FIFA fans upset about the whole deal – this version of the game will have no updates whatsoever from last year’s FIFA game. So basically, if you decide to pick up the FIFA 14 Legacy Edition, you will be playing FIFA 13. In a press release from Nintendo that has to do with the weekly updates to the eShop for Europe, they stated that the game  “delivers unmatched authenticity that reflects the current football season with updated kits and rosters but no updates to gameplay or game modes.” The only difference between FIFA 14 Legacy Edition and FIFA 13 are the updated rosters, nothing more.

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Aside from all of that jazz, here is what’s really putting people off from this release. Over in Europe the game is going to sell for ‚¬49.99, and for £39.99 in the United Kingdom. These prices roughly translate to $67 and $64 here in the United States. Doesn’t that sound a little steep to you when you’re simply getting last year’s game all over again? And may I remind you, this isn’t the first time EA Sports has pulled a stunt similar to this. Last Nintendo Wii, both having no major changes whatsoever to the FIFA game that Edition for either the PS Vita or the Nintendo Wii, basically you will be playing a game with two-year-old gameplay.

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Let that sink in for a moment. I really don’t feel that it’s fair to charge that much money for a game that is a repeat of previous games in the FIFA series. Maybe if they charged half as much, maybe then it’d be a bit better. All I can say is at least this time around, they are giving some sort of a head’s up to the unchanged gameplay, that way customers know before they go out and spend that much money on an unchanged game. The last time around, there was no heads up.

Source: IGN

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